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Terms and Conditions

Trading is a possible way to generate some serious income, but keep in mind that investing involves significant risk. It is not appropriate for all investors. Fluctuations regarding the value of your investment will happen over time. Therefore you may gain or lose money and Global Capital Trading Bot assumes no liability for the decisions of individual traders.
Global Capital Trading Bot is a South American Group of market experts. Therefore all activities covered in the bot are subject to panamian law and abides by such. In case your planning to become an affiliate of Global Capital Trading Bot you accept that you are solely responsible for client acquisition in jurisdictions outside of the territory of Panama. website is operated by GCTINV, Via Israel 3, 0424 VOLCAN, Chirigui Panama.
Your are able to deposit BTC in value of between $ 1 and $ 100,000. Every standard package is at least 60 days and every VIP package at least 180 days active. Profits are distributed daily (monday – friday). Payouts is possible once a week. The deposits are being handled at highest possible security and care, all of that according to the highest standard of a modern portfolio management. It is agreed that the investment will be treated to the best of the knowledge and belief of a proper trader.
The customer is advised that the term “reinvest“ was chosen deliberately and can also be called “new purchase“. The process of a new purchase or reinvestment is to be considered for tax purposes. Global Capital Trading Bot will not be liable for any adverse implications of non-compliance the law in your jurisdiction. System availability and response times may be subject to market conditions. Please contact our support if you want us to delete your data. We will take care of your concerns immediately.
Every user has a possibility to cancel its subscription at Global Capital Trade and to close its account.
In order to close the account you’d have to contact us through the message on our Telegram account @GlobalCapitalTrade and to follow further instructions. After a successful cancellation of subscription, your account will be deleted for good. Users who close their account within the first four weeks will be fully refunded and paid back to the BTC account from which they payed for the subscription.
By accessing or using the site or service you confirm that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the general terms and conditions. You also confirm that you have the legal authority to accept the terms (including but not limited to age requirement). In case of violation against our general terms and condition your account may be terminated.